Charbel: politicians must settle on rendering Tripoli demilitarized

NNA - Minister of Interior Marwan Charbel Friday said the attack against the convoy of Minister of Youth and Sports Faysal Karami in Tripoli was a result of arms proliferation and was caused by the delinquency of the state and all its security apparatuses.

"Politicians ought to lift the cover off all those who own such weapons," he requested, assuring that neither the security forces nor the judiciary provide a cover to saboteurs.

In his press conference, Charbel saluted Minister Karami for saying he was not a target in this incident. "His words had such an important impact."

Accordingly, the Interior Minister urged the state leaders, and Tripoli's political figures, to meet and decide on demilitarizing the city.

"We will pursue the shooters and will arrest them," Charbel promised, assuring that it is no longer acceptable to count innocent victims falling every day due to the arms' proliferation phenomenon.

"The city is becoming socially and economically bankrupt. (...) The Parliament has to convene and settle on putting an end to the current condition in Tripoli," Charbel warned.


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