Countdown starts to celebrate Murex D'or

Report: Rima Youssef

Translated by Aline Aoun

NNA - I can't, I'm afraid to try, I'm scared of experience, I might fail, I'm hesitant, I won'tsucceed....

Doctor Zahi Helou and his brother have never known such words when they decided 15 years ago to undergo the experience of Murex D'or.

They succeeded and their success was an example to others, and the proof is the wide participation in vote by the public and the huge viewers' turnout.

The final results will be announced tonight from Casino du Liban-"Ambassadors Hall" at 8:30 p.m.

Future TV will broadcast this event while Michel Abou Sleiman and Karine Salameh Chalhoub will present it.

The National News Agency team met Zahi Helou who said that during the ceremony the Italian actress Aornella Moti will be honored, in addition to the distribution of medals for 40 actors and actresses.

Helou added that he faced this year like previous years several difficulties because it's an important event in the middle of the ongoing circumstances in Lebanon and the region.

"In spite of everything we have decided to continue to reveal Lebanon's beautiful image to the world," Helou confirmed.

As for holding the meetings of the jury at Helou's residence, he said "we wanted to have complete confidentiality but still there is some news leakage."

"We don't meddle with results," he stressed.

Regarding the coverage of this event, he said that he is pleased by the cooperation with "Future TV".

Helou added that the cost of such occasion is very high, "but what matters is to have a dazzling result."

Helou said that they monitored thoroughly all the programs that were broadcasted via local TV stations and later chose four programs.

"All the expatriates watch us eagerly and support us morally to persist and fight all clashes in the region in a bid to carry out this special event," he concluded.

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