Ministry of Energy, Housing Bank ink agreement to provide citizens with solar energy loans

NNA - The Housing Bank, represented by its Chairman and General Manager, Antoine Habib, on Monday signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Energy’s “Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation", represented by its General Director, Eng. Pierre Khoury, to provide citizens with the opportunity to access solar energy loans.

“The Housing Bank intends to launch solar energy loans as of June 20, in addition to housing loans. Our cooperation comes today to support the mechanism of providing these loans and to ensure the installation of high-quality energy systems in a way that gives individuals, especially those with low and medium incomes, access to sustainable electricity at affordable prices,” Habib explained. 

It is worth noting that the Housing Bank has established a special electronic application that makes it easier for those interested to view the details of the loan terms. The application also enables them to submit their requests electronically without the trouble of commuting from their place of residence to the bank’s headquarters.









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