Minister of Culture tackles with Ambassador of Malaysia means to bolster cooperation

NNA - Minister of Culture, Muhammad Wissam Al-Murtada, received this Tuesday the Malaysian ambassador to Lebanon, Azari Matt Yaqoub, accompanied by Consul Elizie Neshi Azhar, on a courtesy visit during which several topics were discussed, most notably the "similarity between the two countries in terms of cultural and religious diversity and Malaysia's experience in this field."

Discussions touched on "bilateral cooperation in the music sector, where a band from the Malaysian south is expected to hold a concert in Lebanon to present to the public its artistic talents."

Al-Murtada confirmed his desire to invite his Malaysian counterpart to visit Lebanon, in the hope that he would respond to a similar invitation to be scheduled later, in light of the developments in health conditions in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

The two parties also discussed "the extent to which Malaysia can support a number of Lebanese cultural activities and projects, and what it can contribute to in terms of rehabilitating the UNESCO Palace for it to perform its role as the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture and as a center for holding several cultural events."



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