Wadih El-Khazen after meeting Al-Rahi: Let us assist him in passing this critical stage

NNA - Maronite General Council Dean, former Minister Wadih El-Khazen, met today with Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Beshara Boutros Al-Rahi, following the Annunciation Mass in Bkirki.

On emerging, El-Khazen said: "This religious occasion is dear to the hearts of the believers because of its significance and the good tidings it bears in the feast of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, as the mandate of His Beatitude contributed to its crystallization and distinction."

He added, "We appreciate His Beatitude's sermons on such occasions, which make us voluntarily contemplate their expressive meanings, and he is the one to exert great efforts to keep Lebanon a center of polarization for the world."

"I thanked the Patriarch for the guidance he provides, and the difficulties he suffers from, as he carries the concerns of the nation with the firmness of faith, and continues with his relentless determination to reach a day when our beloved homeland will rise from its long slumber," El-Khazen went on.

He added: "Let us help him pass through this stage filled with various dangers, because the only way out of the ordeals we are living through today is to be aware of what is being plotted against us..."

El-Khazen concluded: "Our only response is more unity and holding on to the spirit of national reconciliation based on understanding and balance, resorting to consultation and dialogue, rejecting all forms of exclusivity, marginalization and isolation, and implementing consensual democracy, all of which are titles that preserve the rights of everyone and prevent tyranny and domination of one group over another."



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