"Forces of Change" MPs launch presidential rescue initiative

NNA - The "Forces of Change" bloc of deputies launched Saturday the "Presidential Rescue Initiative" regarding the election of the next President of the Republic, during a press conference held this afternoon at "Beit Beirut" in Sodeco.

MPs Melhem Khalaf and Michel Douaihy announced the initiative document, in the name of the bloc and in presence of Change Deputies Ibrahim Mneimneh, Elias Jaradi, Paula Yacoubian, Halima Kaakour, Rami Feng, Cynthia Zarazir, Firas Hamdan, Mark Daou, Najat Aoun, Wadah Al-Saddek and Yassin Yassin.

The initiative document constitutes four parts including the vision, approach, criteria, and steps for the upcoming presidential elections.

The deputies of change considered said elections as a pivotal point for the country's future, by ensuring the election of a new president in line with the hopes and aspirations of the Lebanese. "The path of change starts from here, and with the new president we begin a new page and proceed towards restoring the state in its broad concepts. This entitlement imposes on us - as change force representatives - a huge responsibility to actively keep pace with its details and stages," the deputies underlined.

As for the approach, they stressed the need for “the upcoming presidential elections to turn from being a moment of compromise between the parties in power, into an occasion to think about the country we asprire to have and a junture for protecting the republic and restoring the state."

They deemed the upcoming elections as an occasion for the members of parliament to choose a president based on the will of the people and to reduce the role of regional powers.

Moreover, the change deputies highlighted the need to abide by the constitution in choosing Lebanon's future president, saying: "The Lebanese Constitution defines the President of the Lebanese Republic as - head of the state and symbol of the nation's unity - one who ensures respect for the Constitution and the preservation of Lebanon’s independence, unity and territorial integrity in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution."

They also outlined in their initiative document the future president's selection criteria and characteristics, noting that several meetings and seminars will held to discuss this initiative in the coming days prior to the elections' deadline.



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