Monday 27 May 2024 - 12:00

03:19 pm


FPM marking April 13th anniversary: To exert all possible efforts to protect Lebanon’s existence & entity, reconstitute power on basis of balanced partnership

NNA - The Free Patriotic Movement wrote today on its “X” platform account marking the April 13 commemoration: “The forty-ninth anniversary of the war has come, and we, as Lebanese, are most in need of adhering to true dialogue and the logic of understanding and reconciliation on firm and serious foundations, and rejecting the rhetoric of incitement, sedition, and chaotic mobilization...Our collective responsibility towards the younger generation requires promoting the culture of accountability, reviewing past experiences and learning from them, as well as searching for common spaces, so that we truly deserve a better tomorrow.”

It added, “This painful memory necessitates that we consider our sins and errors, and show solidarity in the face of the dangers that threaten the nation, most notably the war waged by Israel, the massive Syrian displacement, the dissolution of the state, and the presidential vacuum, which forces us to make all possible efforts to protect Lebanon’s existence and entity and reconfigure authority on the basis of balanced partnership."



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