Sunday 19 May 2024 - 12:00

05:50 pm


Makhzoumi: We refuse to postpone the municipal & mayoral elections

NNA – MP Fouad Makhzoumi wrote Saturday on platform “X”: “We refuse to postpone the municipal and mayoral elections and extend the current councils for any reason whatsoever...As for the southern villages that are subjected to repeated Israeli attacks, the elections there them can be postponed until a later time.”

In this context, Makhzoumi reiterated the necessity of implementing the “mega center” and adopting the “magnetic electronic card”, especially following the Interior and Municipalities Minister’s confirmation that his ministry is ready to hold the elections on time.

“Accordingly, we insist on the need for the government to assume its responsibilities and facilitate the completion of this entitlement because of its impact on the order of the state and its institutions and the management of people’s daily affairs in light of the difficult circumstances our country is going through,” the MP underscored.



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