Thursday 18 Apr 2024 - 12:00

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Abi Ramia: Approving the annual budget is a national duty, despite consensus over the absence of an economic vision

NNA - MP Simon Abi Ramia wrote today on platform “X”: “Approving the state budget yesterday following the amendments endorsed by the Finance and Budget Committee headed by our colleague Ibrahim Kanaan denoted a national duty, despite the consensus on the absence of an economic vision...Therefore, determining the priorities is more than necessary so that we do not get lost in temporary settlements, which include the election of the President of the Republic, forming a government whose mission is to develop a rescue plan in various sectors, with its basic pillars being the completion of the financial forensic audit, determining and distributing losses, returning depositors' money, banks restructuring, expanding financial & administrative decentralization, establishing a Trust Fund, reaching a final solution for the return of displaced Syrians to Syria, establishing a Senate, defense strategy...."

Abi Ramia concluded: "All of these headlines require national awakening and commitment by all political forces...This is the only road map, otherwise the Lebanon we know and love will disappear!"


=========R Sh.

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