Taymour Jumblatt: In the face of continuous disruption and paralysis, we are inspired by Kamal Jumblatt's vision to develop the system, build the state

NNA – Head of the “Democratic Gathering” Parliamentary Bloc, MP Taymour Jumblatt, tweeted this evening in commemoration of the late Mentor Kamal Jumblatt, saying: "Today we are living through our most difficult crises at the economic, daily living and political levels, a crisis of choices and visions, and the challenge to the survival of the entity…In the face of the persistence of some to render Lebanon in confrontation with its Arab affiliation and isolating it from the world, we conjure the memory of Kamal Jumblatt, the Arab and international figure, and his human dimension….Amidst the prolonged disruption and paralysis, we are inspired by the Mentor’s integrated vision to develop the political system and build the state which they prevented him from doing…Your birthday is revived each day!”



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