Derian: Hariri's generous donation proves his adherence to State institutions

Fri 31 Oct 2014 at 14:06 Politics
NNA - Grand Mufti Abdul Latif Derian received on Friday at Dar al-Fatwa Future bloc member, MP Ahmad Fatfat with talks featuring high on the latest security developments in the country.

The Mufti of the Republic delivered a statement after the meeting whereby he said "We have received the news of Prime Minister Saad Hariri's initiative to donate $20 million to the areas affected by the recent events in the city of Tripoli and the North with much satisfaction, appreciation and praise."

"This generous initiative that responds to the needs of our afflicted people is a continuation of the several past initiatives to help the disadvantaged areas of our beloved Lebanon. It is a follow-up of the approach of his father, martyr Rafik Hariri, who always showed interest in such areas, despite the obstacles and difficulties," Derian said, assuring that the donation reflects the initial position announced by Prime Minister Saad Hariri, "which draws an Islamic and national roadmap based on adherence to the Lebanese state and its legitimate institutions, especially the army and the security forces."

"It is based on the renunciation of terrorism and on confronting terrorists who distort the image of Islam and abuse the coexistence formula," he concluded.

MP Ahmed Fatfat, for his part, said "It was a necessary visit after the painful and very serious incidents that have occurred in the north, and the random accusations against the region (...) which is known for patriotism and national affiliation."

"If they were to question anyone's patriotism, it should be that of those seeking to block the state trajectory, create militias, prevent the army from spreading along the border, disrupt the presidential elections by boycotting the sessions and so on," Fatfat accused.

The Grand Mufti met in this context with MP Jamal Jarrah with whom he discussed the critical situation in the Bekaa region and Arsal in particular.

"The Mufti is working day and night to release the kidnapped soldiers and restore security and stability to all the regions of Lebanon," Jarrah said.

The Grand Mufti received later on Senegal's Ambassador to Lebanon residing in Kuwait, Abdul Ahad Mbaki and discussed with him the general situation.


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