Wednesday 22 May 2024 - 12:00

12:17 pm


Yaacoub: The crowds are a message to Bin Salman to re-accredit Hariri

NNA - Former MP Hassan Yaqoub believed that the return of former President Saad Hariri this year is a message to regional powers, especially Saudi Arabia.

"The expected popular attendance and welcome by political forces [for former PM Saad Hariri] this year is a message to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, to re-accredit Hariri politically in Lebanon in the next post-settlement phase after the unjust war on Gaza," Yaacoub said.

The MP added: "The irony is that the obstacle to this stage is Netanyahu's madness, which is breathing down his neck from the continuation of the war, the end of which will be the end of his political career."



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