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Al-Rahi: We reject the war extension to southern Lebanon and demand the removal of any missile platform planted between homes

NNA - Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Bechara Boutros al-Rahi, presided this morning over Sunday’s Mass service in the Church of Our Lady in Bkirki.

In his religious sermon, al-Rahi renewed his strong condemnation of Israel's continued aggression and arrogant war that boasts of the advanced weapons it has received, targeting the people of Gaza, its children, women, and elderly in their safe homes, hospitals, mosques, and churches. "We direct our strong condemnation to the international community, which is silent and idle in the face of the horror of this organized genocidal war, and the programmed killing of defenseless civilians, and their silence, either out of fear, or shame, or support...Israel and the silent international community believe that this war will liquidate the Palestinian cause and end the demand for a two-state solution and the return of refugees to their land, but they are wrong. Injustice begets injustice, and war brings about war. As for justice and the rights of humans and peoples, they come through peace emanating from God and the human heart,” the Patriarch asserted.

He continued to underline his strong rejection of "the extension of this war to southern Lebanon," saying, "It must be stopped and the Lebanese, their homes, and their livelihoods must be protected, as they have not yet recovered from the ill-fated consequences of the Lebanese war. We demand the removal of any missile platform planted between homes in southern towns that requires a devastating Israeli response."

The Patriarch urged all sides to respect UN Security Council Resolution #1701 with all its provisions for the good of Lebanon. "We regret the three aggressive clashes against the international forces within hours and in succession in the town of Ramadi, the border town of Taibeh, and the front town of Kfar Kila, aiming to restrict their movement...In return, we extend our gratitude once again to the countries participating in these international peacekeeping forces in the south,” al-Rahi added.

On another note, the Patriarch denounced the "offensive, unethical, and false campaign" waged last week against Bishop Moussa al-Hajj, the Archbishop of Haifa and the Holy Land, saying, "We reject and condemn everything that was written about him on social media or was falsely said on television and radio stations...All of this affects the person of this venerable Maronite Bishop, his episcopal dignity, and us personally as the 'father and head' of the Maronite Church, necessitating the judicial prosecution of the malicious perpetrators...It is known that His Excellency Bishop Moussa al-Hajj was not participating in the visit of the Israeli President, as he was busy elsewhere in the diocese..."

At the local level, Patriarch al-Rahi asserted that “the family is like a natural school that educates love for the homeland," denouncing those who aim to create chaos in the country and contradict the constitution, obstruct the election of a president of the Lebanese Republic, and disrupt the order of the two constitutional institutions: the parliament and government, and the cadres of public administrations, the judiciary, and the military apparatuses. He wondered, "How long will this obstruction continue?"  

Al-Rahi added, "They say the issue is with the Maronites. This is not true. Rather, the issue is with the parliament and its head. The Maronites believe in democracy, which is their culture, and they adhere to the preamble of the constitution, which states that 'Lebanon is a democratic, parliamentary republic' (c), and requires a democratic election. The Maronite candidates are excellent. Let the parliament elect one of them if it is truly its own master!"

"Let us pray, brothers and sisters, for the protection of the family and the preservation of its educational role for the glory and praise of God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and forever, Amen,” al-Rahi concluded his sermon.




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