(*) Makary says theory of strongest in sect has failed, calls on Bassil to nominate a name for presidency

NNA - Caretaker Minister of Information Ziad Makary considered that the theory of the strongest in his sect has failed, noting that the characteristics of the president of the republic are common to all parties, yet who will have all these characteristics unified in one candidate?" 

Speaking in an interview with "Voice of All Lebanon" Radio Channel this morning, Makary stressed that the process of electing the president is a national issue, adding that the strength of the future president lies in the consensus of all political and sectarian forces over his election.

He voiced his support to every dialogue that produces a consensual president and brings together the political and the sectarian, adding that the election of the president is a national issue, not only at the Christian level...

Makary also considered that "the candidacy of MP Michel Moawad for the presidency has ended," and called on Free Patriotic Movement Chief, MP Gebran Bassil, "not to begin his presidential battle by stating that a president can only be elected with the approval of FPM," urging him to nominate a name for presidency.

He also deemed that Hezbollah cannot bring a president to the republic, but can hinder his election.

Asked about the gathering of Christian deputies in Bkirki, Makary ruled out "the agreement of Christians to nominate a president for the republic," and over the participation of Marada Movement in such a gathering, he said: "Marada must partake if everyone does...."





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