Turkish Embassy shares country’s humanitarian, technical aid towards Lebanon in 2022

NNA - The Turkish Embassy in Lebanon on Wednesday shared Turkish Republic’s humanitarian and technical aid towards Lebanon in 2022: 

“Following the visit of Prime Minister Najib Mikati to Ankara on 1 February 2022, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan mobilized the Turkish authorities to increase humanitarian and technical assistance to Lebanon in order to contribute to Lebanon’s stability and security, and to alleviate the suffering of the people in a period when Lebanon is facing multiple crises.

With a view to supporting state institutions playing a key role in the preservation of Lebanon’s security and stability, the Turkish Ministry of Interior sent a comprehensive food assistance package (basic food items including flour, rice, legumes and milk powder) for the benefit of all members (43,700 in total) of the security institutions (Internal Security Forces, General Security, State Security and Civil Defense) affiliated with the Lebanese Ministry of Interior and Municipalities. In this framework, Türkiye delivered a total of 2059 tons of food aid in four shipments delivered between March and December. 

Likewise, the Turkish Ministry of National Defense continued to support the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) in 2022. As yet another concrete manifestation of Türkiye’s commitment to Lebanon’s security and stability, a new donation of 80 tons of food aid and spare parts was handed over to the LAF last April.

Türkiye attaches great importance also to the well-being of the Lebanese people. In response to the request of the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health, around 90 tons of medical drugs and supplies to address the urgent needs of the Lebanese public hospitals were handed over by the Turkish Ministry of Health last August. 

Similarly, in light of the dire conditions that the Lebanese people are facing, Turkish NGOs also joined their forces under a project called “Goodness Ship” to address the fundamental needs of the Lebanese people as well as refugee communities in Lebanon. In coordination with the Turkish Interior Ministry’s Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD), Turkish NGOs collected around 1000 tons of basic foodstuff (wheat flour, rice, cooking oil, legumes, etc.) to be distributed through Lebanese local administrations and NGOs. The food aid transported by the “Goodness Ship” to Lebanon reached 50,000 families in 96 different distribution locations all across Lebanon.

Türkiye intensified also its technical assistance to Lebanon. As Türkiye’s main governmental agency to channel technical assistance to Lebanon, the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), continues to meet the needs of Lebanon’s state institutions and people. Having supported a total of 185 projects in Lebanon since 2010, TIKA implemented 31 projects only in 2022 in a wide range of fields, including agriculture, energy, education, health, solid waste management, vocational training, etc.

Most recently, Türkiye also started the renovation of the current building used for the offices of the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants.

Türkiye is determined to continue its support for the Lebanese state institutions as well as the Lebanese people also during the course of 2023.”





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