Friday 19 Jul 2024 - 12:00

09:04 am


Rifi says Tripoli positively impacted by recent army, security forces' field measures

NNA - Member of Parliament, Major General Ashraf Rifi, on Saturday, praised the efforts of the army and internal security forces in maintaining security and stability in the city of Tripoli.

"The field measures recently taken by the army units and the security forces have restored stability to the city and put an end to thieves and acts of tampering with its security," he said, pointing to the remarkable disappearance of all manifestations of security evasion from shootings to armed robberies and security violations.

He added: "Tripoli, which has always been an incubator environment for the army and continuously betting on legitimate state institutions, has been positively and appreciatively affected by these measures."

Rifi concluded by thanking the Lebanese army leadership and heads of the security apparatuses for these measures, "with the hope that they will continue because of the safety and reassurance they have created for the people and their positive reflection on the economic movement in the city."



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