MP Jumblatt salutes PSP martyrs marking August 13th, underlines need for ‘dialogue with all constituencies’

NNA - Democratic Gathering Parliamentary Bloc Head, MP Taymour Jumblatt, paid tribute to the souls of the martyrs of the Progressive Socialist Party in commemoration of August 13, stressing that "loyalty to their memory lies in appreciating all their sacrifices, learning from past experiences to prevent the country from falling again into any fighting, and maintaining the achieved national reconciliation in the Lebanese mountain and the option of partnership and mutual coexistence."

Jumblatt also emphasized "the need for serious dialogue between all political components in the country without exception, despite the differences over many of the issues raised and the thorny dossiers."

He called for "a sensible approach to all points of contention, and a search for how to converge on what is necessary and urgent to alleviate the sufferings of the Lebanese citizens and rebuild constitutional institutions, starting with elections for a president that does not pose a challenge or intimidation to anyone, and the formation of a government that carries out the required reforms and advances the national economy."

MP Jumblatt’s words came on the sidelines of his meetings today at the Mukhtara Palace with a number of civil, social, spiritual and municipal delegations, who came to raise their demands and some of the challenges faced by their villages, especially with regards to electricity and diesel and their impact on the water shortages.

In this context, the MP called on the "Beirut and Mount Lebanon Water Corporation to provide fuel oil to treat the shortages in the Barouk, Batloun, and Deir Dourit water stations, and the sewage stations in Barouk and Nabeh al-Safaa."



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