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MoPH recommends that corona vaccine be received as soon as possible due to high number of infections

 NNA - The Executive Committee of the Corona Vaccine at the Ministry of Public Health held an emergency meeting, during which it discussed the latest epidemiological developments, and the following recommendations were issued:

“We are facing a new wave of the Coronavirus, which is expected to be more contagious and the fastest spreading, according to the infection figures in Lebanon, as in the rest of the world, where the Corona counter recorded an alarming rise," the statement said.
The Executive Committee stressed in its statement "the need to receive the Corona vaccine as soon as possible, especially since the percentage of vaccinated people is still low and does not exceed 45%."
"The vaccine can be taken free of charge, regardless of the dose (the first, second, third, or fourth) at any of the vaccination centers distributed over all Lebanese territories, without a prior appointment throughout the week," the statement added.

The Committee stated that "all scientific studies and reports issued by the World Health Organization conclude that the vaccine protects against complications from the virus, avoids hospitalization, and reduces deaths."
In conclusion, the Executive Committee mentioned the criteria adopted by the Ministry of Health for taking vaccine doses, which are:

1- The first dose is available to everyone over the age of five years.
2- The second dose is available to all those who have received the first dose for three weeks.
3- The third dose is available to all those who have received the second dose five months ago.
4- The fourth dose is available to all those who have received the third dose for six months.

To refer to the available vaccination centers in Lebanon, click on the boxes above:


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