PM Mikati’s office confirms rejection of using Lebanon as a platform to offend the Kingdom of Bahrain

NNA – Prime Minister Najib Mikati’s media office issued a statement this evening, in which it indicated that the Prime Minister was informed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, Abdallah Bou Habib, of the content of the letter addressed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Kingdom of Bahrain, which included an official objection against the holding of a press conference in Beirut in which offenses were made against the Kingdom.

The statement indicated PM Mikati has urgently referred the letter to the concerned authorities, requesting an immediate investigation into what happened in order to prevent its recurrence, and to take the appropriate measures in accordance with the laws in force.

“The Prime Minister strongly condemns any offense against the Kingdom of Bahrain, its leadership and people, and refuses to interfere in its internal affairs, and to insult it in any way,” the statement underscored.

“His Excellency also affirms his refusal that Lebanon be used as a platform to offend and insult the Kingdom of Bahrain, just as he refuses to offend the brotherly Arab countries, especially the Gulf Cooperation Council countries,” the statement emphasized.

The statement concluded by stressing PM Mikati’s “keenness on maintaining the strong historical relations between Lebanon and the Kingdom of Bahrain, and confirms that what links them is deeper than a mishap that does not express the opinion of the largest segment of the Lebanese people, who harbor all affinity, devotion and respect for Bahrain."



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