Monday 15 Jul 2024 - 12:00

04:48 pm


LADE reports electoral violations in different Lebanese districts

NNA – The Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections “LADE” on Sunday reported via its twitter account a series of electoral violations as follows:

-A security officer interferes with the voting process in Sejod Farm in Hermel.

-Representatives of one of the electoral lists expelled by representatives of a political party outside a polling station in a church in Bekaa following a dispute.

-LADE’s observers were expelled from Ramadieh and Mazraa’it al-Toot after being threatened by members affiliated to political parties. Accordingly, LADE appealed to the ministry of interior to intervene to facilitate the mission of observers and ensure their safety.

-Huge chaos in some polling stations in the Metn region where balloting papers were handed over without removing the serial number.

LADE also reported via twitter a continuous violation of the electoral silence by a number of candidates and politicians, including President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun.






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