New death toll of Ainata massacre: 4 martyrs, including 3 children

NNA - Nabatieh - National News Agency correspondent reported that the Israeli occupation forces committed a massacre this evening when their drones targeted a civilian car on the Ainata-Aitaroun road in the Bint Jbeil district.

In details, two vehicles were en route behind each other, the first driven by journalist Samir Abdel-Hussein Ayoub (a correspondent for a Russian channel from the town of Ainatha), and behind him was a CRV vehicle driven by citizen Hoda Abdel-Nabi Hejazi (niece of journalist Samir Ayoub), accompanied by her mother and three children when they were subjected to a raid from an enemy drone, and the CRV was directly hit and burst into flames.

The raid led to the martyrdom of Samira Abdel-Hussein Ayoub (sister of journalist Samir Ayoub) and her grandchildren, Remas Mahmoud Hejazi (14 years old), Talin Mahmoud Hejazi (12 years old), and Layan Mahmoud Hejazi (10 years old), and the wounding of their mother Hoda Ayoub along with journalist Samir Ayoub.

Ambulances belonging to the Al-Resala Scouts transferred the wounded and the bodies to Salah Ghandour Hospital in Bint Jbeil.



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