One person arrested after attemtping to throw a grenade at an army checkpoint in Hrabta - Bekaa

NNA - Lebanese Army Command - Orientation Directorate issued today the following statement: "On 04/16/2022, an army force in Hrabta Plain - Bekaa arrested citizen of initials (B.N.) as he was driving a Mitsubishi model vehicle with illegal papers, accompanied by the wanted suspect of initials (M.D.) who tried to throw a grenade at the army checkpoint in the aforementioned area, forcing the officers to open fire and thus wounding him, after which he managed to flee the scene....However, on 17/4/2022, a patrol of the Intelligence Directorate managed to arrest him in the town of Maqnah - Bekaa, where he was transferred to a nearby hospital for treatment."

Investigation into the incident was initiated under the supervision of the concerned judiciary.



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