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France, EU confirm their rejection of Israeli attack on Rafah, displacement of its residents

NNA - France on Monday renewed its "firm opposition" to the possibility of Israel launching a ground attack on Rafah, south of Gaza, while the occupation army called on residents of areas east of the city to "immediately evacuate" and head towards the center of the Strip, according to "Russia Today".

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that Paris recalls that “the forced displacement of a civilian population constitutes a war crime under international law.”

For his part, European Union foreign policy official Josep Borrell considered the Israeli army's call for the Palestinians to evacuate the eastern city of Rafah "unacceptable."

Borrell wrote on the "X" platform that this evacuation order “portends the worst: more war and famine....This is unacceptable. Israel must abandon the ground offensive in Rafah. The European Union, in cooperation with the international community, can take action to prevent such a scenario, and it must do so.”

Today, the German government called on “all parties” not to jeopardize negotiations on a possible truce in the Gaza Strip, in light of both Israel and Hamas’ adherence to its conditions.

German Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Catherine Deschauer said: "The negotiations must not be jeopardized, and all parties must make every effort to reach a situation that enables the supply of humanitarian goods to the people of Gaza in the best possible way, and allows the hostages to be freed."




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