Four dead & 900,000 homes deprived of power current due to heavy storms in Canada


NNA - The Canadian authorities announced that four people were killed in the east of the country as a result of violent storms that also deprived nearly 900,000 homes in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec of electricity.

Ontario police announced on Twitter that three people had been killed and several injured as a result of a violent summer storm.

Police said one person was killed when a tree fell on a trailer in Brant, south of Toronto. A 70-year-old woman, walking through the storm, was also killed by a falling tree.

In the north of the federal capital Ottawa, a person died due to thunderstorms.

A woman in her fifties drowned when a boat capsized due to the storm, in a river separating Ottawa from Gatineau in Quebec, according to Radio Canada, citing local police.

About 900,000 homes in eastern Canada were without electricity Saturday night due to the storms, according to AFP.



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