Tuesday 23 Apr 2024 - 12:00

01:40 pm


Education Minister: Closing of primary & secondary schools, institutes and vocational institutes located in the southern border region

NNA - Caretaker Minister of Education and Higher Education, Abbas al-Halabi, announced the closure of official and private schools, institutes and vocational centers located in the southern border region, while leaving the decision to the directors of institutions within the South and Nabatieh Governorates whether to open or close in wake of security and military developments.

The Minister of Education’s decision came as a result of the field military developments taking place in the border areas and those farthest from the border at times, out of concern for the safety of students, teachers, and their families.

Minister al-Halabi reiterated his directives on ensuring learning facilities for steadfast students in their villages in the border areas, by registering on their designated platform with the aim of handing them tablet computers to continue learning remotely, and handing teachers “laptops” for the same purpose, especially since registration allows teachers to receive their allocated productivity allowance.



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