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Bayram at 5th "Ideas Exhibition”: For launching a Labor Ministry platform to employ young talents, encourage their investment in their country

NNA – Caretaker Labor Minister, Mustafa Bayram, emphasized today the significant role of Lebanese young men and women in many economic, social, cultural, developmental and research fields, considering that the youth members are the ones to create innovation and creativity in all of Lebanon.

He called for investing in such young talents from the very beginning of their innovative ideas, then turning their imagination into a tangible reality that denotes a true wealth for the country.

“There is a great need to institutionalize and support talent,” Bayram maintained, calling for launching a platform at the Labor Ministry dedicated to the employment of young talents, investing their capabilities in their country and benefiting from their ideas, creativity and innovations in various fields, whether at the economic, social, agricultural or health level.

He also underlined the need to build a new relationship between industrialists, the youth and the state, the latter being a refuge for all of us, as he explained.

Bayram’s words came during his joint patronage alongside Caretaker Industry Minister George Boushkian, of the 5th “Ideas Exhibition” organized by the Scientific Center for Manufacturing and Production at the headquarters of the Union of Arab Chambers - Adnan Kassar Building. The conference is held in cooperation with the Lebanese University, the University Agency of Francophonie, and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Tripoli and the North.



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