Hajj Hassan patronizes an agricultural conference in Baalbek: We need to activate agricultural work & we are open to any partnership with our Arab brethrens

NNA – Baalbek – Caretaker Minister of Agriculture, Abbas Hajj Hassan, considered that the agricultural sector is undoubtedly hindered by many problems and past obstacles. However, he considered that it is no longer sufficient to continue describing these impediments without proposing short and long-term solutions.

“In a quick review of the reality of agriculture and what is expected, it seems clearly evident that we need to activate traditional and modern agricultural work, by matching what is available with what is required, in order to reach a promising productivity that would help the national economy,” Hajj Hassan indicated.

His words came during his patronization of the activities of the "First Scientific Conference on Agricultural Research and Policies", which was held at a hall nearby the ancient Baalbek Citadel, organized by the "Dialogue Platform for Baalbek-Hermel Intellectuals".

Hajj Hassan referred to one main goal on which his Ministry’s agricultural strategy is set, namely raising productivity, reducing costs, activating rationing and partnership between the public and private sectors.

“This is a current and future vision that we keep pace with in the various internal fields, by updating laws and introducing what is missing, and setting up control mechanisms for agricultural work, as well as uniting efforts in order to raise the level of cooperative and union work to bring the link between producer and consumer closer,” he said, reminding also of the need to open to foreign markets and update agreements for the benefit of Lebanese farmers.

Hajj Hassan stressed on commitment to international treaties and agreements with friendly and brotherly countries as “an affirmation of Lebanon's keenness on an untainted partnership.”

“We are open to any partnership with the Arab brothers, and allow me to praise the cooperation with the League of Arab States through the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development and the ACSAD Organization, and we also communicate with brotherly and friendly countries on a daily basis, in order to facilitate the entry of our products and the import of what we need from these countries,” Hajj Hassan maintained.



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