Public Administration employees announce their continued strike to achieve their rightful demands, Sit-in to be held at Beirut Port upcoming Tuesday

NNA - The administrative body of the "Public Administration Employees Association" announced in a statement today, "the continuation of its open strike," and called for "partaking in the central sit-in to be held at Beirut Port upcoming Tuesday."

"As the second week of the open strike has passed with firmness and steadfastness on part of the employees who are defending their livelihood, unfortunately, nothing was heard from the concerned sides but complaints against the strike instead of resorting to addressing its causes," the statement regretfully indicated.

Therefore, it emphasized "the continuation of the open strike," and called for a "central sit-in facing the port of Beirut at 11:oo a.m. next Tuesday, June 26," urging all public sector bodies to massively partake in the sit-in, "so that we can be hand-in-hand in defending this sector and ensuring its sustainability."



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