UNICEF: Reports of children seriously injured in so called-celebratory gunfire following elections results

NNA - “Over the past 48 hours in Lebanon, at least four children were reportedly seriously injured by stray bullets from so-called celebratory gunfire following the parliamentary elections results announcement. 

“Children and youth in Lebanon increasingly find themselves exposed to gun violence at home and in their neighbourhoods. No child should live in fear. UNICEF reminds caregivers, communities and the authorities of their direct responsibility to prevent children from being exposed to risks threatening their lives and wellbeing.

“So-called celebratory gunfire is a very dangerous tradition that needs to end. Firing gun shots in the air including through heavy weapons, especially in populated areas among the communities, cannot possibly be justified under any circumstance or  occasion. 

“Gun violence shapes the lives of the children who witness it. Many children were killed, injured or witnessed losing their parents or loved ones due to gunfire accidents. No child should be pushed to participate in, witness or be a target of acts of violence.

“UNICEF appeals to families, communities, community leaders and the local authorities to fulfil their responsibilities and keep children in Lebanon wherever they are safe and protected”. -- UNICEF Lebanon 



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