Bou Habib: Lebanon desires complete peace, not partial solutions

NNA - Caretaker Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, Abdallah Bou Habib, on Thursday declared Lebanon's stance against partial solutions in southern Lebanon. 

During a conversation with journalists, Bou Habib emphasized that the Israeli project aims for Hezbollah's withdrawal from the north to enable settlers' return “a proposition Lebanon rejects.”

Bou Habib then asserted Lebanon's pursuit of a comprehensive solution, delineating borders based on the 1923 demarcation affirmed in the ceasefire agreement.

"We seek the restoration of Shebaa Farms and Kfarshuba Hills, which are Lebanese territories, and demand Israel cease its aerial, maritime, and land violations," Bou Habib stated.

The Foreign Minister then  expressed readiness for indirect negotiations but insisted on refraining from signing any agreements before the presidential election. He highlighted the potential for negotiation akin to the maritime delineation agreement, advocating for boundary clarity, a request reiterated during discussions with the United Nations Secretary-General and thirteen other foreign ministers in New York.

"Lebanon desires complete peace, not partial solutions," he emphasized, referencing discussions with US officials, as well as the ambassadors of France and the US in Lebanon.

Furthermore, Bou Habib discussed the matter with Hungary's Foreign Minister, stressing Hungary's interest in maintaining Lebanon's diversity and requesting support for the implementation of UN Resolution 1701.

Responding to inquiries regarding the involvement of Hungary in conflict resolution efforts, Bou Habib acknowledged the challenges posed by Israel's friendships with several European nations but emphasized leveraging good relations, such as with Germany, to achieve Lebanon's objectives.

Regarding the United Nations' role in implementing Resolution 1701, Bou Habib reiterated Lebanon's demands for border clarity, Israel's withdrawal to delineated borders, and the cessation of all violations.

On the topic of negotiations, Bou Habib indicated a willingness to commence negotiations even without a president in place. However, he stressed Lebanon's consensus on border delineation, withdrawal from Shebaa Farms and Kfarshuba, and halting violations.

Regarding the potential return of the US envoy, Bou Habib suggested significance in his return, which might hint at undisclosed developments.

In response to claims of Hezbollah's exclusive control over indirect negotiations, Dr. Bou Habib affirmed ongoing dialogue between the Lebanese government and Hezbollah, with Hezbollah acknowledging the state's responsibility for negotiations.








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