Rahi presides over Sunday Mass in Bkirki: Oppression does not last and the oppressor will be afflicted with darkness

NNA - Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Beshara Boutros Al-Rahi, considered that "political blindness caused the escalating collapse of Lebanon, and it stems from suffocating interests, selfishness, and malicious goals."

In his sermon during Sunday Mass in Bkirki this morning, the Patriarch said: “Political blindness made the parliamentary blocs and those influential in them insist on not electing a president for the republic so that the constitutional institutions are not organized, foremost of which is the parliament, which has lost the authority to legislate and hold accountable, and the government, which has lost the authority to hold its sessions to take procedural decisions."

“Why do you direct your constitutional responsibility to destroying the state and depriving it of reforms and its resources? Rahi asked, deeming that injustice never lasts.

"What bad times have brought you to where you are now...of occupation in every sense of the word of the state and its reins...But know that oppression does not last, and that the oppressor shall be afflicted with darkness," Rahi underlined, addressing the Lebanese officials.


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