Thursday 20 Jun 2024 - 12:00

07:44 am


Beirut Marathon Association continues participation in international marathons

NNA - The Beirut Marathon Association continues its participation in international marathons through periodic delegations.

The race director at the association, Irabi Nael, participated in the 2024 Boston Marathon, which is the oldest historically, with its 128th edition, featuring 35,000 runners from around the world.

Nael recorded a time of 00:44:3 hours and also volunteered for a full day at the race expo.

Nael also participated in the London Marathon as a runner and as an assistant to runners to complete the marathon distance (under 4 hours). The operations manager at the association, Francoise Nehme, was present at the race.

Nael and Nehme discussed with a representative from the London Marathon organizing committee the arrival of a technical team to assist the association in the Beirut Marathon scheduled for November 10th.



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