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Kallas: Rescuing the Olympic Committee is a national responsibility borne by those directly involved in sports

NNA - Caretaker Minister of Youth and Sports, George Kallas, called today on "officials and those concerned for the Lebanese Olympic Committee" to "show patriotic spirit and give priority to Lebanon's interest and the future of its athletes over anything else."

He called on the heads of federations and clubs, the Parliamentary Youth and Sports Committee, and various sports friends to "act and put pressure to resolve the crisis." 

Kallas revealed in a statement that non-positive external signs have begun to loom on the horizon, amidst the continued useless conflict that will only lead to dropping the entire Lebanese sports into a furnace that no one wants...

He said: "I am still asking from a position of national concern, and the responsibility for sports is shouldered by all to render the national interest above any consideration, and I call on them to sit together for dialogue without conditions...and to preserve the stature of those who are the pillars of the Lebanese sports entity...I place my capabilities and that of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in the service of a quick desired reconciliation that closes the doors before every danger that threatens the continuation of the work of the committee, which we consider Lebanon’s sports icon and its facade to the world..."

Kallas added, "I repeat the call on everyone to hold dialogue and an urgent agreement over a formula that puts an end to the crisis and its consequences, preserves the values of sports and sports movement, and keeps divisions away."

"Saving the Olympic Committee is a national responsibility borne by all those directly involved in sports, with full respect for the international and local regulations and laws governing the sports movement," Kallas concluded.



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