Saturday 20 Apr 2024 - 12:00

08:21 am


Lebanon's women basketball team secures staying in first level in Asian Women's Championship

NNA - Lebanon's women's basketball team ensured staying in the ranks of the first level in the continent of Asia, with Gal's victory over Chinese Taipei this morning, by two points 75-73 (sets 21-27, 38-40, 60-53, 75-73), in the match that they performed in the "Sydney Olympic Park Sports" hall in the Australian city of Sydney, as part of the Asian Women's Championship, which will last until July 2.

Our players achieved a precious victory in a match that held their breath until the last second, with the sound of the giant electronic whistle signaling its end, and Lebanon achieving a first victory in the tournament, after facing three strong teams in the group stage, namely China, South Korea and New Zealand.



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