"Dolphin's Team" breaks the record for longest underwater diving

NNA - The "Dolphins" diving team managed to break the record in Lebanon for the longest diving period, reaching about 18 hours continuously.

In an event that is the first of its kind, a team of five divers, accompanied and supervised by coach Abdel-Kader Mahfouz, set out on a diving trip at four in the morning and lasted until ten in the night.

During the long diving day, the five sportsmen were held under the water, prayers were raised for the salvation of Lebanon and its people, and the day's rituals were practiced by eating and drinking through a special tube.

Diver Ali Mezher pointed out that "the activity was carried out successfully," adding, "We broke the record for the longest diving period."

This activity was supported by the Civil Defense for Maritime Rescue in Jiyeh, with logistic follow-up from a team of professional divers and paramedics.



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