Mounzer Al Hassan killed in Tripoli

Sun 20 Jul 2014 at 09:47 Security & Law
NNA - Mounzer Al-Hassan --accused of providing explosive belts to the two Saudi's who exploded themselves in Duroy Hotel in Beirut a few weeks ago-- was killed on Sunday at 01:00 a.m in a confrontation in Tripoli between him and a force from ISF Information Department, national news Agency correspondent in Tripoli Abdel karim Fayyad said.

The field correspondent said that a force from ISF Information Department attacked an apartment in City-Complex 2 in Tripoli resided by Al-Hassan where clashes took place and led to the killing of the accused.

It is to note that Mounzer Khaldoun Al- Hassan born in 1990 in Bazbina - Akkar holds the Sweden nationality in the name of Hassan Al Mounzer.


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