Interior Ministry asks displaced Syrians not to hold political gatherings

Thu 22 May 2014 at 15:22 Politics
NNA - The Ministry of Interior and Municipalities called in a statement issued on Thursday by the press office of Minister Nuhad Al-Mashnouq on all displaced Syrians not to hold any political gatherings or public meetings that have political dimensions, as this may affect the security and stability of Lebanon and the relationship between displaced Syrians and Lebanese citizens.

"This request is based on the Lebanese government's decision to neutralize Lebanon from the conflict in Syria and ensure good relations between the Lebanese people and the Syrian refugees," the statement said.

Al-Mashnouq urged the United Nations and civil society organizations concerned with displaced Syrians' dossier to assume full responsibilities on this issue and work to inform the displaced of the content of this statement and give it utmost importance.

He stressed that the Lebanese security forces would not tolerate any act or activity that would shake the internal stability.


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