Biography of Education Minister Elias Abu Saab

Sat 15 Feb 2014 at 15:48 Politics
NNA - The National News Agency publishes a brief review on Higher Learning and National Education Minister Elias Abu Saab:

- CEO and founder of the American University of Dubai.

- Dhour Chouier Mayor from 2009 till 2012.

- Owner of Sawt Al-Mada radio station.

- Married to renowned singer Julia Boutros, with two sons.

- Holder of a masters degree in international relations from Boston University in the United States, where he was elected twice as president of the Student Government Association. He's also a holder of a degree in Marketing from the American College in London.

- In 1992, he served as the first president of the Lebanese Graduates of Britain (LGB).

- In 1995, he moved to Dubai, where he participated in the founding of the American University of Dubai AUD, the first recognized U.S. university in the Gulf region. In the years that followed the founding of the American University in Dubai AUD, Abu Saab garnered extensive experience in the field of higher education and worked in a variety of areas such as the establishment of institutions and new educational programs, negotiation and educational cooperation with many major universities, providing instruction to governments on higher education, and the establishment of other investment projects in all parts of the Arab world.

- He worked with Clinton Foundation, founded by former President of the United States Bill Clinton, which provides scholarships each year to forty students from the United States, to study at the American University in Dubai.

- His achievements on the level of education paved the way for AUD American University in Dubai to play an important role in the face of global challenges, and bridging the gap between the East and West to promote harmony between cultures.

- Co-founder of the Emirati Lebanese Friendship Association, the Emirati Lebanese Friendship Association and former member of the Board of Directors of YAL Directors of the Young Arab Leaders.


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