Biography of Culture Minister Rony Araiji

Sat 15 Feb 2014 at 15:22 Politics
NNA - The National News Agency publishes a brief review on Culture Minister Rony Araiji:

- Rony Joseph Areiji was born in Zgharta on the 31st of July, 1965.

- Married to Wadad Abdullah and has two daughters.

- In 1989, he graduated in private law from the University of Saint Joseph in Beirut.

-In 1988 he received a Bachelor Degree in Law from the University of Saint Joseph.

- In 1984 he received the Lebanese Baccalaureate in mathematics from Freres - Zgharta.

- In 1990, he joined the Beirut Bar Association as lawyer, and then continued to practice his legal profession at his private office.

- Served as an adviser to Minister Suleiman Franjieh in several ministries: the Ministry of Public Health 1996 - 1998 and 2000-2004, the Ministry of Agriculture (1998-2000), the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities (2004-2005).

- A founding member (1988) in the Marada and politburo.

- Member and coordinator of external relations for Marada Movement.


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