Fresh Israeli breach of Lebanese airspace

Wed 30 Oct 2013 at 22:01 Security & Law

NNA - Six Israeli warplanes breached respectively the Lebanese airspace from 13.40 p.m. and 16.00 p.m. on Wednesday over the towns of Aitaroun, Rmeish, and Batroun a Lebanese Army communiqu said.

The enemy planes circled above the various Lebanese regions, only to leave respectively the Lebanese airspace till 17.05 p.m. from above the sea off west Naqoura and above the sea off west Tripoli towards the Turkish territories.

At 16.05 p.m., an Israeli reconnaissance plane violated the Lebanese airspace over the town of Kfer Kela, and effectuated the usual circular maneuvers over the regions of Riaq, Baalbeck and Hermel, communiqu added.

The enemy plane then left the Lebanese airspace at 17.05 p.m. from above the sea off west Naqoura, communiqu concluded.

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