Monday 17 Jun 2024 - 12:00

12:58 pm


Makary: We have entered a dangerous stage vis-à-vis Syrian refugee crisis

NNA - Caretaker Information Minister, Ziad Makary, on Friday said via “X” platform, “From Baalbek (...), I’ve stressed that we cannot live without a state because this eventually leads us to ultimate chaos and the absence of justice. I’ve indicated that we have entered a dangerous stage vis-à-vis the Syrian refugee dossier; this anomalous situation and its repercussions on rebuilding our nation must end. I’ve affirmed that despite the rampant immigration, immigrants remain attached to their motherland, and Mr. Mustafa Nasser, is the biggest example of a citizen keen on preserving his legacy, Al-Khawam Hotel, in the hope that everyone will follow his example, especially amid the delicate circumstances that we endure.”




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