Al-Sadek says he received no invitation to partake in a dialogue as a member of parliament

NNA - MP Waddah Al-Sadek wrote today on the “X” platform: “I have been hearing about the dialogue for months from the media. We do not know anything about its details, and it is being said that we are disrupting it without receiving a single official invitation...Who will moderate the dialogue? Who will be invited to it when there are more than 15 blocs and more than 20 independent deputies? How will they be invited? What is its agenda? Is it a dialogue over naming the president, or his missions, or the president, the prime minister, and the government? Dozens of unanswered questions....The call for a serious dialogue needs to be clear, serious, detailed, and formal, not just media talk without any details. In the end, as a member of parliament, I did not receive an invitation to respond..."



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