Thursday 18 Jul 2024 - 12:00

11:56 am


Sadek calls for "immediate public session to find out content of agreement with European Union regarding displaced Syrians"

NNA - MP Waddah Sadek wrote today on his platform “X” account: “The Speaker of the House must immediately call for a general discussion session to be informed by the government and its head of the details of the agreement with the European Union regarding the displaced Syrians. Every Lebanese has the right to know the content of this agreement because it directly affects his or her daily life...I repeat that it is not permissible for the Parliament to continue to abandon its accountability role in this way, nor its duty to elect a President of the Republic..."

Sadek added that "with each passing day, the reason for obstructing the president's election becomes clearer: more control over decision-making in the country."



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