Tuesday 18 Jun 2024 - 12:00

09:53 pm


Arslan: Saudi Arabia and its leadership succeeded in achieving Arab rapprochement

NNA - Lebanese Democratic Party Head, Talal Arslan, tweeted today: “The Arab summit in Jeddah ends and a new phase begins in the region, entitled joint Arab action and openness...Saudi Arabia and its leadership succeeded in achieving this rapprochement and restoring relations between the Arab countries to what they should be, and it seized the spotlight globally and in the Arab world through its wise policy of balance, which Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman seeks to perpetuate in the Kingdom's foreign policy.

He added, "The summit has returned after 12 years of almost complete absence, and its return couples with the return of Syria's role and presence through its president, Dr. Bashar al-Assad."

"As for the Lebanese, may the officials realize the value of the developments and major settlements that are taking place, and choose the Calvary road for the sake of saving Lebanon and its people from the crises and suffering," Arslan concluded.



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