"Horch Beirut is a Beiruti heritage, and the heart & lungs of the capital that must be preserved," tweets Makhzoumi

NNA – MP Fouad Makhzoumi wrote Sunday a series of tweets on today's inspection visit to follow up on the weeding and cleaning works within the campaign that was launched yesterday in “Horch Beirut”, saying: “The forest must remain a nature reserve and a green space in which the people of Beirut and the region find a breathing escape, and this is what we stressed when we submitted a bill to render the forest a nature reserve.”

He added: “We call on the Ministry of the Interior and all those concerned to complete the implementation of the campaign to remove infringements and violations, such as random cafes that distort the image of the forest...It is also necessary to increase the number of the municipal guard regiment and waste containers inside the forest.”

Makhzoumi concluded: “To complement the initiative of illuminating the city of Beirut with solar energy, which was implemented by the Makhzoumi Foundation in several stages, we will light certain areas of the forest, and this was agreed upon with those concerned because ‘Horch Beirut’ is a heritage, and denotes the heart and lungs of the capital which must be preserved.”



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