Qobeisi: We fear most the oven of strife

NNA - We fear most the chaotic oven of strife, senior Amal official Hani Qobeisi, warned during a funeral at the village of Kfar Hatta in South Lebanon today. Are loyalists and oppositionists not allowed to come together in quest of solutions to the present crisis?-he exclaimed.

Lebanon and Syria are in the grips of plots designed to undermine peaceful coexistence between the sects and do away with Islamic concepts for which Imam Hussein had given his life in a bid to free humanity of oppression by raising the word of Allah sky high-he added.

The conspiracy targets concepts of Arabism, nationalism and confessional coexistence, Qobeisi went on. We therefore warn loyalists and oppositionists against Israeli eavesdropping and will commit together with Nabih Berri to Lebanese national unity in order to extricate our country off conspiracies.

Our Amal movement shall follow in the footsteps and principles of Moussa Sadr because Israel remains to be an absolute evil and we shall stand up to the conspiracy he concluded.


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