Saturday 20 Jul 2024 - 12:00

04:30 pm


Fatfat: Future is not a part of Syrian conflict

NNA - MP Ahmad Fatfat stressed in an interview with Voice of Lebanon Saturday that although Future supported the Syrian people in the crisis they endure, it is not a part of the conflict in Syria.

He criticized the remarks of Secretary General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, in respect to developments in Syria.

"Talk about a victory in Syria is a false allegation because it is a long term war in the country, at the request of the American administration. The main ally of Israel wishes to maintain Bashar Assad in power to extend the term of violence and destruction in Syria," he said.

Fatfat then called on Hezbollah to withdraw its fighters from Syria to facilitate the formation of the next government. He was likewise in favor of a neutral cabinet that handles priority issues on the domestic scene.

The Future Bloc MP also considered that the other team has attempted to marginalize the role of the President and the Prime Minister-designate in the cabinet formation process.

"Adopting this attitude will affect moderation in the country and increase the presence of extremism and further complicate the political and security situation."


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