Wednesday 29 May 2024 - 12:00

07:43 am


Hbeish: Dialogue on Cabinet formation unconstitutional

NNA - "Future" bloc member, Deputy Hadi Hbeish, said that resorting to dialogue to form a Cabinet would be illegal and would violate national understanding.

"President Michel Sleiman and the Prime Minister-designate enjoy the prerogative to form the Cabinet, not the deputies" the MP told "Sharq" radio on Thursday, adding that the deputies' prerogatives are restricted to giving the Cabinet a confidence vote.

The MP stressed that his bloc would not mind to resort to dialogue, adding that they have always supported and called for dialogue to exit the current crisis.

The Deputy called on Sleiman and Salam to form a Cabinet that would represent all the Lebanese and provide their needs, "as all the Lebanese back them," accusing Hezbollah of impeding the Cabinet formation and setting obstacles.

On another note, Hbeish offered condolences to Akkar citizens on the victims of the Indonesian boat, asserting that "this issue should be a lesson for the Lebanese state and all officials, as what is happening in Akkar would lead to a social explosion," adding that studies indicated that Akkar is a deprived region that lacks employment opportunities.


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