Jreisati: To focus on voting not presence majority in Constitutional Council

NNA - Caretaker Minister of Labor Selim Jreisati said that the Constitutional Council should rise above the issue of presence majority and set its decision based on voting majority, calling upon the Council not to bow to political authorities' instructions that appointed this or that member.

"If seven numbers approve any decision, this decision will be effective; otherwise, there will be what is known as not issuing a decision within the given period and the challenge would be considered as if it wasn't presented," Jreisati told "Voice of Lebanon- Dbayeh" on Wednesday.

Commenting on the objection of the members who did not attend the meeting to the Council head's preparation to the report considering that his voice would favor one vote over the other when the result is tie, Jreisati said that this is not legally correct, because the head of the Council is a member of it and has the right to be decisive in his decision concerning certain laws .


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