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Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Tuesday 28/5/2013

NNA - AL-AKHBAR: Coup awaits Aoun's decision

AL-SHARK: Lebanese Cabinet decides to hold elections on June 16 according to 1960 law

Mikati: There is seek to extend Parliament's term but Cabinet insists on holding polls

AN-NAHAR: 706 candidates and billions of pounds to void elections

Extension train to Thursday's Parliamentary station by majority?

Geagea: Cabinet's meeting is a play and elections under 1960 law great treason

ASSAFIR: Maronite complex threatens extension: "1960 law" or vacuum?

AL-MUSTAQBAL: Caretaker Cabinet returns to life to approve what caused its death

Aoun-"Hezbollah's" ministers legitimize "1960" law...and pave the way to extension

DAILY STAR: Cabinet OKs June 16 polls under 1960 law

Total of 706 candidates to run for Parliament

Diplomatic efforts on Syria stumble


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